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The miraculous coconut Hybrid Makapuno

Success in the development of "Hybrid Makapuno" using original technologies.
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An unexpected gift

Knowledge of coconut Fuel, food, cosmetics as well

The inside of the coconut seed is divided into white solid endosperm and liquid endosperm. The liquid part is coconut juice.
"Copla" is the one which dried mature endosperm of mature fruit. From here you can take oil and make effective use of cosmetics, edible oils, foods, biomass fuel and so on in various ways.

Hybrid Makapuno

The miraculous coconut Possibilities for Hybrid Makapuno

Miraculous coconut "Hybrid Makapuno" is a coconut palm dedicated to biomass fuel developed by its own research. All fruits are coconut (makapuno) suitable for biomass fuels, and high quality biomass fuels can be produced by our own plant. Although it is a malformed species that can not grow in nature, it has become possible to propagate by its own technology, and it has become a kind of only one that can produce seedlings.

  • Suppression of global warming
    Since it can not grow naturally, production can be avoided by excessive deforestation
  • Energy problem solution
    Energy problems Because we have 15 times more harvest than usual, we can supply a lot of biomass fuel. Solution
  • Improving the lives of the poor
    Promote subsidies and employment of small farmers

Achievement of research

Hybrid Makapuno It's a one-of-a-kind technology

Mutant coconuts occur naturally at a rate of 1 in 10,000 bottles. In addition to ordinary coconuts, makapuno (fruits that only copla can not germinate) also has a higher yield than usual. The spontaneous occurrence of Hybrid maca pno where all fruits are macpuno is a miracle.
We have succeeded in culturing this with our own technology.

  • It has a lethal gene and does not grow spontaneously.
  • It will be biomass fuel in an amount 15 times as much as usual.
  • Production of high quality fuel by unique plant.

Coconut Research Institute

Research and development until now, from now

We have been conducting research to stop the deadly gene which is the cause of proliferation, and cloning by the parthenogenetic method. In the future we will continue research and development such as quality improvement suitable for biomass fuel and quality improvement suitable for cultivation environment. Many research equipment is needed to solve global environmental problems and energy problems. Sales of tokens will be used for the development of future projects.

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A record of our activities

Coordination with local farmers

Discuss with the farmers of the Mekong Delta and visit local farmlands to seek the best situation

Farmer Union Headquarters Meeting

By the meeting at the farmers' association headquarters, we will decide future efforts

Seedling production factory

Under the guidance of the Coconut Research Institute, tissue culture of Hybrid maca pno propagated plant body is carried out and mass production of seedlings

We are cooperating with various countries, regions, people

Our business will spread all over the world

Development of Hybrid Makapuno

What kind of activity (Vietnam)

Research and Development

Research and development of hybrid maca pno, production of proliferation plants

Vietnamese Farmers Association

Production and sales of seedlings, guidance and support of coconut farmers, collection of hybrid makapuno

Biomass fuel

Purchase Hybrid makapuno, Manufacture and sale of biomass fuel, biodiesel fuel power generation


Timeline Plan of coconut project

Establishment of coconut research laboratory / generation room

Establishment of production chamber of Hybrid maca pno propagated plant

Seedling production factory

Construction of seedling production plant

Coconut farmer

Hybrid makapuno seedling planting · cultivation · turn

Coconut Research Institute · Procurement · Training

Procurement of makapuno species, generation of hybrid maca puno

Coconut Research Institute · Shipment

Production and shipment of Hybrid maca puno proliferating plants


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